Sunday, May 24, 2009

Colby Clawson's 4th Birthday

Bryson in Colby's new Fire Coat and Hat
Ally and Erik(Meredith's brother)

Meredith's Dad and Greg Gramme and Bryson
Gerald, Bryson and Angela
Colby, Ally --Colby's opening his Birthday Presents Bryson and Ally dipping their feet in the Clawson pool Meredith and Colby -4 years old --May 23rd

Rusty -my youngest brother--isn't he handsome

Angela and Emily -Rusty and Greg in the back ground

Maxine and Gerald

Bryson and Colby playing in Coby's room


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the pictures on this site for us to see. Boy has Colby grown up & changed. Has anyone sent you pic's from Sylvia's Memorial Service yet? Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures