Saturday, July 31, 2010

Do Kids Still Play With These?

Let's Make A Movie Theater
This is what Bryson wanted to do when he came over to our house the other day! Of course, Grandpa helped. Does anyone remember Lincoln Logs? What are your experiences with them?
Me ~ I don't remember playing with them as a child and my daughters didn't have them either. So this is a new experience for me! Grandpa and Bryson love playing with Lincoln Logs!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finally we took ~

Bryson to see his first movie and it was ~ Toy Story 3

I was extremely surprise at how well Bryson at 3 1/2 seem to understand the movie. There were several parts in the movie that were sad and parts that would be scary to a young child. During those times Bryson would say "I'm ready to go home." He was very good........laughed when appropriate, sat quietly in his seat, ate his popcorn and drank his drink...........More well behave than many adults!!! According to Bryson it was awesome and I am so glad!!!

Beach Weekend

We had a wonderful time with friends....Shelba and David at their beautiful beach home this weekend!!
My daughter, her husband, his mom and my grandson just happened to be at Topsail. So they stopped by to visit. Bryson even got to swim with Grandpa in the new pool!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ever Heard of ???

a Donut Peach????
PS ................I'm at the beach...............having fun with friends!! I will be catching up with you soon!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just A Few Birthday Pictures

My grandson told his Mommy that he wanted Gramme to have a Princess cake!! I am so very lucky!!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Am I????

Do you ever feel like you are losing your mind? Well, lately I do. I have never had a good memory for names and it is getting worse!!! Now I am not remembering other things.

Also, I can't seem to make the simplest decision!!! It is driving me crazy.

Where do I put this picture? What do I do with this? What do I do first? Just do something I say to myself!! Look at your list!! I have tons of stuff on it but don't know where to start!!
I can't make a decision!!!!!!

It really hit home when just today...........I can't decide if I should keep my mom's ironing board that has to be at least 50 years old or the ironing board that I got from my husband's friend that has to be around 20 years old. I DON'T NEED TWO. I rarely use one!!!

Please tell me that someone out there is having the same problems I am.

Memory!!! Decisions!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

One Of My Favorite Places

This is one of my most favorite places in the whole world!! It is a place that I rode my bicycle to when I was living in CA ( wasn't even a teenager yet), a place that most cities and towns have at least one of, a place that I took my girls to once a week, at least, in the summer. I have neglected going to this special place because of blogging and other things. This place will always hold special memories for me!! It's not even the building because the really special one was replaced many years ago with a fancy one. I have neglected this place also by buying books. For many weeks now I have wanted to share this special place with my grandson! I want him to have the same love for it that I have. We shall see! Everyone is different!!

Today is the day..........

Bryson's First Visit to the Public Library

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bouncy House Fun

Where do you go when you have promised your grandson a trip to the pool and it's just too hot??!! You go to the Bouncy House!! We have three in our area and this was the only one that was open at 5pm on a weekday. My daughter and I were not to impressed but Bryson had a fun time!! Sometime in the next few months we will try to check out the other two. They had two small houses and one large house to bounce in, a play area with toys and a sand area. We stayed an hour and this Gramme was hot and tired when it was time to leave!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Different Than I Thought

Today turned out much different than I thought it would. At the last minute our youngest daughter invited us over for supper and boy am I glad we went!! She is a wonderful cook!!! So the rolled steak, twice baked potatoes and salad were delicious. She even had a red, white and blue dessert. Her mother in law, Peggy was there and she made delicious ~ margaritas and banana daiquiris. The highlight of the evening was watching Bryson and the fireworks!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation 2010 Tennessee

Bryson driving Gramme ~ DollyWood
Jellyfish ~ Aquarium ~ Gatlinburg, TN Tons of fun having water gun fights!!
Petting Zoo ~ Sevierville, TN
Gerald ( Grandpa ) and Bryson in front of the condo.
So excited on this water ride at Dollywood that Bryson wanted to ride it again!!
The DollyWood train smelled so bad that Bryson did this on his own.
Me and Bryson ~ Sevierville, TN Emily, Bryson and Sean ~ Sevierville, TN
Bryson on the Bee Ride ~ DollyWood
Duck Game ~ Bryson and Sean ~ DollyWood
Elephant Ride ~ Sean and Bryson ~ DollyWood
Our Condo Apple View River Resorts ~ Sevierville, Tn