Monday, September 28, 2009

My Mother

I have been thinking a lot about my mom lately. Much more than usual. Then it hit me, that it's probably bringing out her china that is causing me to miss her so much more. She died in 1968. I was just a teenager. So many years ago and so much has happened since-----some good and some bad. Some people think that you will forget your loved one, some think that you will not, some think it gets better as time goes on and some don't. It is my feeling that it just depends on where you are in your life. I can honestly say that I haven't missed her this much in a very long time. Usually I miss my dad and think about him. I'm not really sure why I am writing this. Part of me thought that I would have something insightful to write. Part of me thought I could help those readers who have lost their moms ( maybe I am making it worse). Part of me thought that if you are reading this and do have a living mother, mom, mommy, momma, that by reading this it would help you to cherish every minute you have with her. Maybe by reading this you will see that the pain never goes away. For me the pain has been in stages depending on what has been going on my my life. I so wish that I could remember more about her. She was a wonderful person that everyone loved. I was very lucky to have her for the 15 years that I did, but oh how I wish that I had more years. Many many times I have asked why.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Emily's New Business

Check out Emily's new business. Just go to her website if you want to place an order.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My New Dining Room

This is a picture of my new china cabinet. Haven't finish decorating it yet. The walls in this picture look white but they are not. Not really sure how to describe the color. We got a table with 8 chairs, china cabinet, buffet and another table. I really love it.


This was from my Grandma Clawson. Valencia~Wyndham

This was from my mom. It is Royal Gadroon~Magnolia Pattern

I don't know any of the history behind either set. Maybe Aunt Barbara knows something about them. I am going to send pictures to Aunt Alta to see if she remembers anything.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A New Mirror

For as long as I can remember this beautiful mirror hung over my Uncle Joe and Aunt Alta's piano. I am honored to have it now in my new dining room. I am so thankful that Aunt Alta and Nick brought it to me this summer. This mirror was discarded by the road some where in Hollywood, California in the 1950's. My Grandpa Clawson found it filthy dirty laying there and thought that his daughter would love to have it. She loved and enjoyed it for many years and now has given it to me to enjoy. I am so very grateful!!

Gerald wanted me to add that while he was doing some minor repairs, he discovered that the scroll/ art work surrounding the mirror is all porcelain.