Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Day Has Come. by gayle's husband

The time has finally come, they are about to close our road, peace and quiet, and no more traffic going by. Well that is not exactly how it works, we will still have all the construction equipment. You know, the 6am, 3 dozen diesel engines coming to life roaring as they jockey into position for the day’s work. Then the beep, beep, beep as they hit reverse and just sit there. It is almost as if they think, if I can’t sleep then no one can and believe me no one can, that is except for my wife. She could sleep through a bomb attack and wake up asking why am I so grumpy. I can’t believe her, once she is asleep nothing bothers her but me, on the other hand a Nat could fart and I would heat it, this is so annoying.

They have been working with the bridge on our road that will cross over I-540 for several months. I can’t believe how fast they can build a bridge once the concrete cures in the abutment and center piers. Except for the side rails the bridge is finished and they are now starting to work on the road bed leading to the bridge. Here are some photos of how the bridge has progressed with time.
Beginning ground work for bridge. Nov 10, 2010
Bridge Foundation & Supports being built    Nov.18, 2010
 Bridge Center Support  Nov.28, 2010
Wal-la, a bridge.
I left for two weeks in Feb. to work in LA, CA.,
came home and all of a sudden it is a Bridge   Feb.26, 2010
Above & 2 Below Pics show
Removing a small hill in preparation for the new road bed leading up to the bridge. Bridge is behind the Dozer.   Mar.19,2011
The old road will be removed starting Monday 3-21-11


Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Need Help

I have tons of blogs that I follow and I love them all!  What I need help on is how to keep up with everyone!  There are so many different ways to do that and I have been doing it my way forever that I was wondering what the best way is.  Does that make sense? 

My way ~ go to my Dashboard ~ never close it down and then read from there ( there meaning the right side) but it seems to  be messing up lately.  Now when ever my computer shuts down I can only go back about one day so if I have missed a day then I probably missed someones blog post.  Yesterday and today, I've been going on my left side of my Dashboard and pulling one blog up at a time and reading that way. This can be time consuming because I can get caught up in reading several posts on one blog.

I know some of you go through Google Reader but I've looked at that and it seems confusing and I can't figure how to comment through that.

I would really appreciate any suggestions!  Plus do those of you who work outside the home read blogs every day or just a few times a week. Do you set a time limit?  I really really feel that I am spending more time ...........well I know I am .....reading blogs than reading the many books I have on my list.

As far as posting I only post when I have something I want to share so I don't have any problems with posting ...........just the reading part.