Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Day

This is how I spent my day: Up at 7:00am & had coffee. Emily brought Bryson so I could babysit. Wiped his nose. Washed my hands. Fixed him breakfast. Brush his teeth and my teeth. Wiped his nose. Washed my hands. Tip toed to my bathroom and washed my face. Wiped his nose. Washed my hands. Read to Bryson and played with cars. Wiped his nose, washed his face and put Vaseline on him. Oops forgot to say I changed his diaper a couple of times in there. Washed my hands. Fixed his lunch and mine. Tried to convince him how much fun it would be to take a nap in Gramme and Grandpa's bed. No nap he said. Let him play a little and then we got in bed for a nap. He rolled cars over me--I was the hill. Finally asleep. Got up from nap and put his clothes on-I still wasn't dressed. More nose wiping and diaper changing. More hand washing and playing. Snack time. Grandpa comes in: they get to rock and watch a little tv. Momma (Emily) comes. He doesn't want to go home(Grandpa and Gramme sneak a smile at each other, we loved this.) I really had a wonderful day, no kidding. Well, I guess I better go wash my hands and take a shower and put a clean night gown on and relax.


Judy said...

That's the sweetest note you've ever written. I can certainly relate!

Paulette said...

You're doing great.You don't need advice. Keep up the good work! I can also relate. Had Wesley Monday, and Tuesday, He had a virus. Guess who has it now? :)

Ms. Woods said...

Did you do anything besides wipe his nose and wash your hands? ;=)