Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter 2009

We celebrated Easter with Angela and Kendrick, Emily, Sean and Bryson on Sunday. Emily and family will be going to the mountains Easter weekend. We had a brunch-breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, fruit and bagels. It was delicious. After brunch Gerald and I had a Easter egg hunt for Bryson on our side yard. We don't know who had more or Bryson.


Anonymous said...

hi gayle,I'm glad you got to have an early eater with Bryson. We will have easter with the family at Vickies. Mom is feeling better!
Love Cathy

Paulette said...

I'm sure you had the most fun! ;)
We're having ours Sunday afternoon. The adults always have the raw egg toss!lol! Remember those?
Anyway, Hope you have a Wonderful Easter.

Anonymous said...

These pic's take me back to when Mikey was born and our first Easter with him. I know we had more fun then he did! :-) Grandchildren are such a delight (even if they are work)! May Emily & family have a nice time in the Mtns. We shall have dinner with Tami either here or at her home. Vickie is having the family at her home but Tami isn't up to that yet and since Uncle Del's B.D. is the following Thursday, this will give us a chance to celebrate that as well. Eddie had his yesterday & we celebrated it here but Tami couldn't attend as it was her 3rd day from her 1st Chemo and the Pump had to be removed and she wasn't feeling all that great. So, she will give him a belated hug for his B.D.on Sunday. Thank you for posting the prayer for her on your blog. All the prayers mean so much to her. May you continue to enjoy this little boy as I know you will. They are little a very short while. Have a wonderful Easter. It is a glorious time to celebrate Jesus and His sacrifice on our behalf. It will be worth it ALL when we see Him in His Glory. Love to you and your family, Aunt Barbara

Judy said...

It was a great day for a hunt. We had ours last Sunday because the weather was so nice. Bobby's mother (who just had lung surgery a week ago) was going to have everyone over yesterday for dinner, but ended up in the hospital Friday night, so I cooked for the family. Hope your Easter Sunday was good and you didn't work too hard on your house. I know its beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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