Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Would You Want To Know

I am going to visit my last living relative on my mother's side that really Knew my mom's sister I thought I would ask my aunt some questions about my mom and their childhood. Would love to have any suggestions on what you would want to know if you were me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Technology

My 3 1/2 year old grandson using my computer!! Just seems like yesterday that I learn how!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

From a Son-in-Law’s Perspective

Posted on Gayle's blog by her husband, Gerald.

I certainly have heard lots and sure many others have told or heard stories of arguments, disagreements and just plain, I can’t stand my in-laws. I think this sentiment goes in both directions and for the life of me can’t understand why. Friendship or Relationships aren’t just thrown out at you; it is something that requires just a little work on both sides.

I was married in 1970 at 17 and early on, I think by my nature just automatically befriended my In-Laws.

Sure, no friendship will be with out an argument from time to time but a friendship like a marriage is what you make it. He treated me well and he deserved no less.

This is an attempt to honor a man that I liked, loved and admired like a real DAD. I am sure my father-in-law Gene Clawson was the type of man that everyone wants to have as an in-law and this speaks to his character and personality.

These are a few things that I remember about Gene.

First, he earned my respect and friendship early on and always treated me good.

He was enemy to no one and could strike up a conversation with any stranger.

He had a knack for telling stories especially those of his childhood. They were worthy of print.

I remember family reunion and other events where the kids were drawn to him like a magnet.

He was always willing to help me on a project I was working on.

He was not a rich man and would give you his last penny.

The times that really stand out, were that every Friday evening Gayle and I would go to his house and visit. This was a routine event and was never dreaded; in fact, it was one event that we looked forwarded to. It wasn’t a luxurious home but it had most all that he needed, even though it needed and required lots of maintenance. We sat around on his glassed in porch going over the things that took place that week and revisited old stories. later when it was time to eat we would go to one of several of his hang outs, normally McDonalds’ where he had many friends and knew everyone. Most nights we got our moneys worth drinking cup after cup of coffee while talking.

Going to his house was a fun and relaxing way to spend our Fridays nights but no more. For many months after his death on 3/22/ 1998 I could hear a truck coming down my road and immediately think Gene is here only moments later to realize that no he will never be back. This would stir up lots of emotions and sadness, knowing that those good times were gone forever.

Twelve years later, there are many times where Gayle and I will be sitting around and say “Gene sure would have liked this” or “sure wished he could have met our grandson”. These moments would more times than not get us reminiscing about those good times when we would get together with him, doing nothing more than simple talking and loving every minute.

He was a good guy, good Dad and good friend. Wow, we still miss him today!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 11th ~ My Dad's Birthday

As we all remember the many lives that were lost on that terrible day ~ September 11th...........I am also remembering my dad's birthday. As I have said before, he was a wonderful man who was loved by all who met him ~ young and old. I so wish that he was here to see my daughters (his granddaughters) and all that they have accomplished.............his son,Rusty, my brother an awesome father now.......married to the most wonderful woman in the world.........there two kids ( his grandson and granddaughter) grandson ( his great grandson)......his son Greg ...........all the many things he has learned. I miss him so much!! We all do!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend at the Beach

We had a wonderful time at the beach this weekend with Shelba and David!!!
Shelba and I have been friends for 42 years and the guys maybe longer! They introduced me to my husband.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 Years, 9 Months and 21 Days Later

Grandpa and Bryson in his toy closet.
Finally my husband made a Height Chart for our grandson!!! He had been thinking about it and planning it for a long time. It took him 3 days to make but like anything he makes it's Perfect!!!