Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Day

Bryson putting air in his cars tires and using a wrench. Grandpa and Bryson coloring.

Kept Bryson again all day today. Thanks Aunt Barbara, I got up earlier so I was at least dressed. I got to thinking "what ifs"--You know what if he got hurt and I had to take him to the doctor or something like that and I wasn't even dressed.
Having a little boy to play with is so much fun and so NEW. I need to practice making the noises though: fire engine, car, train etc. When ever I make them around my family, they always laugh. I'll have to get Bryson to teach me. We played out side a little more today. I was so surprised when he picked up tools that Gerald left out and started working on his little cars. He is so Smart.
His nose didn't run as much today and when it did he would say"nose running". Now that IS smart---I have first graders that I have to tell that too
House update-Gerald is almost finished with the floor in the dining room(our old living room). Then it's molding around the doors and windows (he has to make and paint) for the kitchen and dining room. If anyone is wondering what is taking so long -well he works full time, the first of the year he was out of town a lot and "Family" not our house is our TOP priority.


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased the Lord used my comment to help you start thinking of the "if's" Gayle. We just never know. I, myself, like to buzz around without getting regular clothes on at times, but when I was young & a grama, that wasn't the case. Your pic's are so cute. This is such a wonderful age when kids are learning everything. It's especially nice that you have the type of camera you have in order to pass them on. That wasn't the case in "my day" either. Then you had to wait upon developing. :-) Donna is in OK right now visiting her little one. It's very hard to be a "long distance" grama as I am well aware. She hasn't even held him yet as they arrived after midnight last nite & Keith, Daniela & Sander had to go on busines this morn to Oklahoma City, early, and all of them were still asleep. But, they have this next week to love & enjoy him and I know they will. Both Amy & Neil were able to go (since Neil is homeschooled) so the whole family unit is together in OK. :-) Love to you & yours, Aunt Barbara

Paulette said...

You're having a grand time I can tell. I can relate, but they do grow up so fast! Glad you're finally getting the house work done, I'm sure your happy. I really enjoy your updates so keep up the good work. Miss you!

Ms. Woods said...

I wish I could've taken the day off and spent it with you guys. It looks like ya'll had a great time together. I still can't believe how much he looks like Emily at that age.