Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thomas the Train

Gerald -aka Grandpa arrive home on Friday night from PA but before he did he just had to stop and visit with Bryson. Bryson was so excited to see his Grandpa ---it had been two weeks. He wanted Grandpa to play with his Thomas the Train set. Part of his trains run by battery and part are pushed the old fashion way. Bryson was pushing his train around the track. So Grandpa place a battery operated engine on the track. Bryson saw it going around and must not have liked it because he snatched it off the track, turned it off and walked all the way around the track and open the little drawer and threw the train in. He then slammed the door and walked back to his train and started pushing it around the track again and let Grandpa push it too. Sean said he sometimes just likes to push the trains. It turned out that Grandpa really enjoyed pushing the trains back and forth with Bryson.

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