Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sleep Over

Grandpa and Bryson eating cereal in our almost finished dining room.

Bryson and Grandpa playing with the new firehouse.

Bryson wearing the walkie talkie that Grandpa calls the fire man walkie talkie.

Bryson's new Fire House and Fire Truck

Bryson spent the night with Grandpa and Gramme Saturday night. We had a wonderful time with him. Auntie Angela came over and played too. We went to the river to visit Great Uncle Jimmy, Amy and 4 teenagers and had hamburgers. Delicious! On the way home we had a flat tire---first time in years. For Valentines day we splurged and bought Bryson a Fisher Price Fire House. Let me tell you ------he love it!! With his daddy Sean being a fireman Bryson knew all about the fire house and the fire truck. But...........................We messed up and gave it to him to close to bedtime and............well .......We had a very hard time getting him to go to bed. He (and I) had a hard time sleeping and woke up several times. That and someone Snoring---------I finally gave up and made coffee at 4am. Hard to believe especially since I love to sleep in. All day Sunday we played with the Firehouse. He did let me read him ONE book --------He picked the shortest one of all his books. Auntie Ange gave him a Wonder Maker Set and he had a lot of fun with that. As much fun as he had with us he was very excited to see his Daddy and Momma. Wouldn't want it any other way.


Judy said...

I know just how you feel Gayle! Tristan spent last night with us because Megan had a convention to go to. He didn't go to sleep until 11:30 after 3 tries at rocking, singing, reading, etc. (He thought it was play time with Papa) I didn't sleep much (snoring and listening for baby) and then he woke up at 6:00 in the morning ready to play again! He's taking a LONG nag now thank goodness! Bryson is adorable and I know you're really enjoying him. I miss you! Judy

Gabrielle said...

Awe, how sweet! Was it his first sleep over? And, by the way, you're not alone in the not sleeping thing. I haven't slept for just shy of 23 months. Cute pics. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to have sleep overs? I use to have them four at a time. . . jenni, Joey, Jessie, and Tyler, but now it's only one at a time, either Wesley or Jordan. I guess I'm getting to OLD for it! Love the pictures, keep them coming.
Enjoy Bryson while you can they grow up terribly fast. Remember Jill and Jana I use to bring on Teacher's work days? Now they have daughters of their own. Sure seems like yesterday! Thanks for including me. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle, very cute pictures. It made me think back to when I first had Mikey spend the night with us many years ago. We had a great time and he loved coming back even at a very young age. We didn't know then that he was going to be moved so far away from us or we would have done it a lot more I guess but we had him at least once a week for three years. He was a good sleeper so I don't remember him keeping us awake. Course Donna and Tami were still at home too and he was very much loved. :-) Enjoy every minute, cause they go by fast. Aunt Barbara

Ms. Woods said...

Aww..these pictures are so cute. When did he get his "fireman's" walkie talkie? I can certainly attest to how much he LOVES that firehouse! I'm surprised he left Gramme and Grandpa's without it!

Anonymous said...

Not sure who was having more fun Bryson or GrandPa. He sure does like anything related to trains and fire trucks. We had the most wonderful time with him over that weekend.
Life is truly good.

Anonymous said...

Bryson loves spending time with you all.

-His Momma

Bryson said...

I love staying with my Gramme and Grandpa. I have my own snack cabinet. Gramme, Grandpa and I watch TV in the bed until it is time to go to sleep. Momma says its ok because I am a good boy when I come home. I can't wait to go spend the night with them again. I want grandpa to take me to IHOP again.