Saturday, December 13, 2008

What A Mess!!!!!

Last Sunday I asked Gerald if he could please clean out the old living room (new dining room) for Christmas. Of course he said yes and if you know me, I asked him again to be sure that he understood what I wanted. It is a hectic time of the year and I knew we would be busy with different activities so, I just wanted it cleaned up. No renovation work --just cleaned up. Well, Monday morning his brother Jimmy came to work and promptly started taking the ceiling down. Gerald took off all week to work on the room. They encountered major problems when they removed the carpet and the floor wasn't level underneath. So they spent two days working on that. Any way to make a very long story short---My kitchen has a curio cabinet, another cabinet and many, many tools all over the place. Plastic is taped in various places. I am told the walls are painted and the final coat will be put on the ceiling tomorrow.
Oh-and today, after I did my Christmas cards,I was going to wrap presents but NO the stairs are block off and I can't go upstairs to get the presents.

And Now---Gerald has to go out of town. Yes OUT Of Town.
:( I am trying to smile. :)
Pictures tomorrow.