Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

Grandpa and Bryson eatting Christmas dinner. Em forgot the bib so he wore a special one.

Our nephew Ben, Sean, Bryson & our niece Austin.

Gerald's brother, Jimmy carving the turkey.

Gerald's sister Karon.

Granny and Papa
For the last several years now, we have been spending Christmas at Gerald's sisters house. We all take something. We always take Candy Yams, stuffing and a dessert. Some years we take a little more. At Sheila's you never know who is going to be there. It is always a surprise. Some years (when Sean had to work) it was several guys from the Fire Dept. Everyone is welcome-friends, family and neighbors. This year was a little calmer because we didn't exchange gifts. I must say though, I did miss it a little. NO Jimmy, I did not miss playing that Santa exchange thing where you take other people gifts.:) I missed seeing people open gifts. Especially Bryson. He is such a cute age now and gets so excited about everything. Maybe next year I can convince everyone to draw names.:
All total there was about ---- 30 people this year. A little smaller than usual. Everyone had a wonderful time.

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Bryson said...

My grandpa is the best. He helped me with my plate on Christmas at my Great Aunt Shelia's.

My Great Uncle Jimmy always carves the turkey, and it was yummy.

I love my Grammy.

My Great Aunt Karon is so pretty.

I love my Great Granny and Papa.

I had so much fun at my Great Aunt Shelia's and Great Uncle Mark's House.

Austin let me play in her room and we colored in the BIG coloring book.

Gramme cooks the best stuffing in the world. I want presents. Please lets draw names next year. I had so much fun opening presents from other places.

If I spelled something wrong please remember I am only 2.