Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweet Wonderful Memories

This year as I was decorating my Christmas Tree, memories of past Christmas' came to mind. Like the time when I was around 8 years old and my mom and dad wouldn't get out of the bed Christmas morning-when they finally did, I had opened almost all of my presents. Other memories----my dad did some of the decorating ----lights on our house, a winter scene with cotton as snow in our entrance area, fudge----my mom made a Birthday cake for Jesus, hemming my skirts and pants under a blanket so I wouldn't see them, wonderful homemade treats, church "Always" on Christmas morning. Opening presents with Greg. 1969 spending Christmas in California -------spending Christmas Eve with my cousins-LynDel, Donna and Tami. Thank you Aunt Barbara and Uncle Delbert.
So many more childhood memories, too numerous to tell.
Christmas 1970---Gerald and I had only been married 6 days and we were very poor. No gifts for each other. Our tree was a tin foil type tree (thanks to Maxine).When we woke up Christmas morning Santa had left us two socks filled with goodies (thanks to Gerald's mom). I was certainly surprised.
30 plus wonderful years of memories with my daughters-waking them up Christmas morning, the smiles on their faces, and the excitement in there voices.

Sweet Wonderful Memories

More memories with Bryson


Anonymous said...

After wiping the tears I can finally leave my comment...

That is so sweet. I have memories of when "Santa" came to the house one night before Christmas, seeing "Santa" at the bowling ally, driving thru Macgregor Downs and other subdivisions looking at the Christmas lights all traditions I will start with Bryson. Oh and one more thing that Christmas in 1970...And all this time I thought "SANTA" filled your stockings that first year you and dad were married not Granny.


Emily (Bryson's Momma)

gayle said...

My dear Emily
What a wonderful comment!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Gayle, thanks for the fun things you put on your blog. We read the Christmas one together this morning and enjoyed the memories. I, Aunt Barbara, remember the Christmas in '69. I still have a few pic's from that time. You and our girls always had a good time. That year was significant for us as Tami was coming out of her bout with Reumatic Fever. From '66 to '69 were hard years for her. It is fun to have something trigger memories from the past that bring joy. 4 of our Grands just did that on Thanksgiving Day. We adults did as well. Lots of laughing going on for over an hour after dinner. Do you remember the Train that Uncle Del set up under the tree and the Stockings that each of you had the year you were with us? We still do a special Stocking Nite here at our home for everyone who wants to attend. We shall be doing it soon again. I considered stopping it one year thinking that maybe we had done it enough and all had such a fit that I changed my mind. It wouldn't be Christmas in our family without this according to ALL our Kids and Grands. I guess you never are too old for some things. Do you know that we have a new addition to the family? His name is: Sander Smith,weighing in at 8lbs 9oz,& 22" long. Of course he is beautiful. :-) Eddie & Donna were in the birthing room with Keith/Daniela/Dr./Nurse and students; A crowded room Donna said but fun. She called us the minute he was out of Mom's tummy. He is our "Christmas Present" for 08. May you all have a blessed one as well. Love from Uncle Del and Aunt Barbara way out in CA.

Anonymous said...

Those are such fun memories too. Its as if the magic of the holidays suddenly comes pouring back in to the house.