Monday, November 24, 2008

Spending the night and pb and bananna

Bryson spent the night with us Friday! We just love having him. It's funny -----before he was born I told Gerald that our grandchild would probably be sleeping with us-------Gerald said oh no that's not going to happen------guess where Bryson slept-----that's right-------he slept with us. We loved it! I didn't sleep much ------too busy watching him. Bryson had so much fun playing with all the toys that Colby has out grown. It was fun watching and playing with him. I am learning to play with cars and trucks.

Tonight Bryson had his first peanut butter and banana sandwich! He ate almost all of it and seemed to like it. No allergies, thank goodness.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving with Gerald's family.


Anonymous said...

Gramme needs to quit worrying and go to sleep when I spent the night with her and Grandpa. I will be fine after all I love my Gramme and Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. the PB and Bananna was sooooooo good!

DeVarnne said...

What a great memory, he will have of his gramme and granpa!


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