Thursday, November 13, 2008

Greg is Home

Greg went to UNC for his ERCP on Wednesday. It was a sucess in that the doctor was able to remove and crush the two stones that were in his bile duct. He had a hard time waking up and was in severe pain. The scary part was when his blood presure dropped. After watching him for several hours they decided to admit him to the hospital. He had a mild case of pancreatitis. This morning he was feeling much better-----ate a good breakfast and lunch. Had a Diet Coke... We were finally able to leave the hospital around 4pm. I am so thankful that Rusty and Meredith were with us yesterday and today. Greg is back at his home and so glad to be there. He will still have to have his gallbladder remove sometime soon. Not sure when.

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Anonymous said...

We will be praying for Greg.
Donna and Eddie