Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank You

Greg, Rusty, Ally and Colby
Ally, Colby and Greg

At the aquarium

Greg and Ally

Greg with baby Khloe and Meredith's brothers wife....Greg is trying to teach Khloe to talk.

Greg, Meredith's brother, his wife, daughter and Maxine......Colby and Ally in the background

Meredith and Greg

So sweet!

Greg loves his Meredith

Rusty can always get Greg to laugh.

My heart has been touched once again by this special girl Meredith. You see, I firmly believe she was sent to our family. Every year for the past few years Meredith, Rusty, Ally, Colby and Meredith's mom and dad, her brother, his wife and now new little girl rent a house for the week at the beach. Every year Maxine has gone up to stay with them a few days too. Every year Greg has also be invited to go! I don't know many girls her age that would take their brother in law with special needs to the beach with all the other family. It has to be a house full. She does this on her own, it's her idea. I know my dad is looking down from heaven smiling at his beautiful daughter in law. I know my dad is proud of his son Rusty. I also know that my dad and my mom are relieved to know that Greg has so many people in his life that love him and want to be with him. I will be forever grateful! The above are just some of the pictures that were taken.


Anonymous said...

What great pic's and commentary Gayle. I remember our visit to the beach with Meredith and parents the year we were there. It was very nice. Rusty & Meredith are nice people and really care about Greg and others as well. It was nice of you to write what you did. We do enjoy the pic's you put on here. Keep up the good work. Aunt Alta called us last nite to say she was home and was telling us what a great time she had with you. The pic's you posted of Al's family were especially inter- esting to us as we have not seen any of them for years and would not know them on the street. When she gets all her pic's developed we shall be able to see more. Someday we hope to come to the East Coast again. May God grant that in the near future. Love Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about me. You know I love Greg more than anything and so does my family. We have said several times today that we miss him so much. We had so much fun with him! I can't wait to celebrate his birthday this year! Glad you liked the pictures! Love you very much!!


Paulette said...

Gayle It sounds as though you are very proud of you family, and rightfully so. They are beautiful, as you are also. They are lucky to have you. You are such a good friend. Keep you family close! I miss you, Your friend, Paulette

Ms. Woods said...

Mom, what sweet words you have about Meredith. I agree; I think she was sent special delivery from Grandpa Clawson. I wish he could have known her as Rusty's wife and met his other two grandchildren. She is so good to Greg!

Anonymous said...

I just love the picture of Greg and Rusty at the beach. My brothers and sisters are trying to visit Dad and Christy often. I'm so glad that Greg is having such a good time with family!