Monday, July 13, 2009

Company's Gone and Everything is Falling Apart

I guess you could say it all started with my car....the Dodge. It was paid for, I liked it and I really wanted to keep it forever...well only because of no car payment and I wanted to retire. But when thing started to go wrong, I started to get new car fever..some examples where ...the time it (the Dodge) wouldn't let Angela out of it and at the same time ice started spitting out of the air vents. Then there was the time, it wouldn't let me out, the windows started working slow and then the straw that broke the camels back "no air". I have to have air. Some say I wore Gerald down but the Truth of the matter was I had dropped the new car idea and he mentioned it to me one day and off we went to get a new car. I love my Honda CRV...haven't had a chance to drive it a lot and haven't read the manual yet but I love it.
Things were going well. My Aunt Alta and cousin Nick from CA came and stayed with us...pretty much everything was in working order. We had a wonderful time!!
Then (not sure when this happened) I learned that Gerald needed to take his Ford truck in because of the air conditioner and windows before the warranty ran out. This was scheduled today..July 13th.
Oh, I forgot computer broke and while Gerald was fixing it with his.......his developed the same problem. Then he fixed mine but his still isn't fixed because of all the other problems we started to have.
My washing machine stopped in the middle of the rinse Gerald fixed it...just a little filter clogged problem which happens when you are on well water.
Everything was good....I had my new car, my computer was working and I could do laundry.
Then..............I flushed the toilet!!!!!! Oh NO!!
Well problems!! Gerald worked on it all day Sunday.....except when we took his car to Ford...he is still working on it.....OH but NOT's pouring down RAIN...any way he needs to tell the rest of the story....but he's still working on it off and on when the rain slacks off...and I don't think this is a good time to ask him to because when he went to start the Dodge to go get parts at Lowes (because they wouldn't let him in yesterday) the battery was dead...thank goodness we bought a new car ...

Gayle Clawson Woods at 11:49am July 13
Water is On!!! Yea! He's off to just needs to get his computer fixed, his truck fixed and the Dodge fixed so I can have my car back and life will be good until something else breaks..I hope it's the dishwasher


Gabrielle said...

you know what they say... when it rains, it pours...pun intended.
And why in the world would you want your dishwasher to break??? Why not the vacuum?

Anonymous said...

My Mom would have loved to read that story - she would have had a real good laugh about it!

Ms. Woods said...

I love this blog entry! It hilarious! To answer your question Gabby, Mom wants the diswasher to break because she wants a new one. She loves her vacuum!

shelba said...

Kelly and I died laughing!!!