Friday, October 30, 2009

Emily's Birthday

Bryson put the candles on Emily's cake
Auntie Angela and Bryson

Sean and Bryson bring in Emily's birthday present from them

Emily asked us to fix an old favorite of hers that I made a lot when the girls were little. Hamburger with rice and gravey and green beans. We had spice cake that is suppose to look like a jack o lantern and ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

What cute pic's Gayle. The outfit on Bryson is darling. The cake looked yummy. When I see Corn Candy I have to think of Spanish Peanuts cause that is the way we eat them around here. :) Happy Birthday to Emily. Sounds like a good tradition to me. I do soups for our Stocking Night every year and it has gone over real well. This year will probably be a little different as far as attendance goes because Tami's three boys now live in AZ with their Dad. Too bad, but it is their loss :-) Have a great Turkey Day. We shall have Tami & girls as Donna will be with the Smith side of the family. Love to you all, Aunt Barbara