Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ally Clawson's Graduation from Kindergarten

Meredith, Ally and Rusty ClawsonGranny Mac, Ally and Colby

Meredith and Ally Clawson

Ally and Colby Clawson

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Anonymous said...

Gayle, these are really nice pic's. Thank you for posting them. I don't look at your Blog every day, or every week even so I am a little behind. :-) Looks like Ally & Colby have grown a foot since the last pic's we saw. We always enjoy what you put on here and can keep up with news. We shall be going to Neil's Grad party this afternoon. Can you believe it??? He is now a College Student!!! It is incredible how fast time flies. This info is for the rest of your family too so that is why I am posting it here for all to read. We should have a nice time if the weather will co-operate. We have had lots of cold, cloudy days of late. Eddie usually sets up the Ping Pong Table outside in their back yard so any can play. When Keith is here the competion is fierce. Neil & his friends have at it as well. In any event it should be a great day (inside or out as Margie is cooking authentic, Mexican, food. Yummmm!!)Love to you all, Aunt Barbara