Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bryson's First Real Snow

So tired!

Father and Son

A beautiful view from The Woody's yard

Sunset in Apex, NC


The Woody's house

Bryson Sean and Bryson

Bryson's First Snowball

Looks like Bryson had a wonderful time in the snow. Grandpa and Gramme wish that they could have been there.


Ms. Woods said...

These pictures are so cute! I know you and Dad wish you could have spent time playing with him in the snow. I remember having a blast as a teenager playing with you, Dad and Em in the snow. Remember when she sled down the hill at your house and hit the tree? We were laughing so hard we forgot to ask her if she was OK! I'm laughing now just thinking about it!

gayle said...

Yes, I have so many memories of you,Dad and Em in the snow. We were laughing so hard and Em was laying there not able to catch her breath and we didn't even know it.
It seems to me that it use to snow more when you and Emily were kids.You girls had a lot of fun when we lived on Bryn Mawr Ct. with all the kids.

Gabrielle said...

Oh, what great pictures! I bet Bryson had a ball! Sabine is so envious. She has to visit trucked in snow at the local park. Not the same. That view from Emily's house is amazing. Miss you guys.

DeVarnne said...

Love the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time the kids must have had. It looks very cold tho. Isn't this unusual for you guys? Now we have had the opposite=an heat wave. It is finally cooling backdown today where it should be. Uncle Del is progressing very nicely and is actually ahead of where he was last time. He is in pain but nothing that can't be managed with meds. Hope Greg isn't having any probs now. Love to you all, Aunt Barbara

Bryson's Momma said...

We had so much fun in the snow. It brought back so many memories of playing in the snow when I was younger. The pic. of Bryson asleep was when he and Sean went out the first time while I was at work. They came back in the house and Sean was fixing lunch he looked over and Bryson was asleep. Too much excitement.